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3 Markadon Cottages, Hartland, Bideford, Devon, EX39 6DA

Props & Vehicles

We Have a large inventory and database of
props & vehicles for the TV & Film Industry

Devon Film Logistics have a large inventory of site equipment that every on-location shoot is dependant on along with the specialists to install it.

We can provide full power, water and lighting solutions for your production as well as equipment to help provide access to and secure your site.

We will have everything set up before your arrival and will be the last ones to leave after dismantling everything.


We own and can arrange a variety of vehicles ideal for film shoots.


We can supply military props and vehicles for your film shoot


We have an inventory of classic boats ideal for period films.

Period Farm Equipment

We can supply period farm equipment and machinery for your film production

Miscellaneous Props

We have an inventory of miscellaneous props including nautical and historic items. We can also source rare props