3 Markadon Cottages, Hartland, Bideford, Devon, EX39 6DA

Cast & Crew

We can provide a wide variety of
crew & extras for the TV & Film Industry

Devon Film Logistics have a team of talented crew with a wide variety of skills related to Location Support for the Television and Film Industry.

From Marshalls and general labourers to skilled drivers and plant operators; we are able to provide local workers for a production of any size at short notice.

We have location support managers to organise everything and ensure your production runs smoothly.

DFL Gator Drivers on Location

We have a team of skilled drivers for various vehicles and equipment.

DFL Labourers On Standby

We can provide general labourers as well as skilled technicians

Boatman on Rib In The Antarctic

We can provide experienced crew to operate a wide range of boats

Devon Film Logistics Security Guard Protecting Set

We offer complete location security solutions whatever the sites size and location.